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Management Plans
Environmental Management Plan/Programme (EMP)

An Environmental Management Plan/Programme (EMP) is a document that is drafted providing site specific mitigations and actions to help ensure that little or no environmental damage or degradation occurs due to a specific activity.

Environmental Management Plans are usually approved by the responsible government department prior to the commencement of any new activity and consist out of details relating to the environmental impacts which may occur during a specific phase (e.g. pre-feasibility, feasibility, construction, operational, decommissioning, closure, post closure) of the project.



EMPs are usually one of the outputs of Strategic Environmental Assessments, Basic Assessments or Environmental Impact Assessment reports and should serve as planning tools at a detailed level. They are used to guide the design, construction, operational and even decommissioning phases of projects and are therefore typically used as a tool during project implementation. It provides practical information for the developer, planners, engineers, contractors and project managers on how and when to manage environmental impacts that arise from the development process.

EMPs frequently form part of the Environmental Management Systems (EMS) used by companies and organisations to track environmental performance and performance assessments/audits are generally required on the compliance to the EMP.

Environmental Management Programme Report (EMPR)

Mining and petroleum industries in South Africa are required to submit a specific environmental management programme (or plan) report (EMPR), to the Department of Mineral Resources, for any new operation (mines and fuel plants) and/or changes to their existing operations.

Any significant changes or developments in addition to the approved EMPR, also requires to be submitted to the Department. Scoping, Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Management Plan (as discussed above) and public participation form an integral part of the development of the EMPR and amendment processes.



Prescali Environmental Consultants (Pty) Ltd can assist from the Basic Assessment Report (BAR) required as part of application for prospecting rights, to the facilitation of the complete EMPR process (Public Participation, Scoping, Environmental Impact Assessment as well as Environmental Management Plan) as per the requirements of the Minerals and Petroleum Resources Development Act, National Environmental Management Act and the National Environmental Management: Waste Act.

This is a basic summary of our services but by far not a complete one. If you are in need of a specific service in our field of expertise, please do not hesitate to contact us and find out more since we are more than capable of meeting your requirements.

Environmental Closure Plans

Mine closure planning is necessary at all stages of any prospecting or mining operation. This is of extreme importance due to the vast impacts that prospecting/mining has on the surrounding environment.

Current best practice dictates that all mines should be ‘designed for closure’. Closure plans and related financial guarantees are also required for licensing any type of prospecting or mining activity. We routinely develop and update appropriate mine closure plans to meet project specific needs.

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